Sean Creamer

Tammy Creamer

Sean Creamer is a Navy veteran who over 31 years experiance mastering Public Service taskings in Federal & Local Law Enforcement, Firefighting, Emergency Services and Critical Security Operations. He is trained in weapon and hand to handĀ combat tactics, field medical care and survival techniques. Sean has been practicing emergency medical treatment since 1977. His past certifications: EMT, Paramedic, US Navy Corpsman; FMF Combat Medic HM2 “Doc” and Firefighter. Besides his hands on experience, heĀ is also a certified HR Manager and skilled in all levels of management for emergency services.

Sean volunteers with the Coast Guard, his local fire department and also heads up the Craven County Wounded Warrior Project. Helping those in need drive him to work harder and smarter than most.

His hobbies include camping, hunting, gardening, animal husbandry, and boating. When it comes to prepping and survival education, Sean wrote the book on getting through life threatening situations.



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