Tammy Creamer

Tammy Creamer

Tammy Creamer is a happily married mother of 4 who is a stay home mom and home school teacher. On the outside, she looks innocent enough, but do not let her outward appearance fool you! Tammy is no stranger to the outdoors, camping, prepping and firearms usage.

Tammy has been an avid camper since her teens.  For several years, she and her husband Brett ran large camping trips (for over 20 people) where they planned activities, housed and cooked for the group.  She and Brett have enough camping gear to house a small army.

Besides knowing how to set up a camp, Tammy is a fantastic prepper and survivalist. She understands the need to be ready for a disaster and her heart is help others to be prepared.

When it comes to feeding her hungry family of 6, Tammy's passion is making her meals from scratch. She sees the value of creating healthy and nutritional meals for her family. Organic foods top her ingredient list and she is constantly researching healthy supplements, vitamins and essential oils. Tammy also makes her own whole wheat flour by grinding wheat berries. It is not an easy job, but it is very satisfying to her to know where their food comes from.

In her earlier years, Tammy excelled in gymnastics and diving. The hard physical training required for these types of sports made her focus and determination second to none. When given a task, she jumps in with both feet and researches all aspects of it until the project is complete.

Besides her love of family and self-reliance, Tammy is fiercely devoted to God. She prays and studies her Bible daily and leads a women's group at her church.


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