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Article 11 - The Red Death - Part 1
By Sean Creamer

The “New Rule”- Emergency treatment used to be the ABC’s….Airway, Breathing and Circulation. Now the rule is BLEEDING!  As you can see above, your chances or death from a major arterial bleed can be anywhere from 1-4 minutes of red flow.  Most people can hold their breath more than a minute and the brain doesn’t start to die until the 5+ minute mark.  Airway and breathing can be restored better than blood that is lost!  Military medicine has gone to and stress’s…Blood Loss as the biggest killer and therefore MUST be controlled immediately. 

This is what happens when you rupture or cut a major arterial vessel.  At first you see the blood, you are conscious and your mind registers the event.  Most people try to control it with direct pressure but his is what’s happening.  A normal 5/8 “garden hose puts out between 40-60 lbs/ sqft.  When you convert 120mmg (blood pressure) into that equivalent force is like a 3/8-1/2” hose pumping out at 30-40 lbs of pressure per each pump of the heart. That is why blood will shoot 3-4 feet from a major artery when cut.

Your body holds about 5 qts of blood or a gallon plus a quart in “changing the car oil” mentality registry….. After a quart, your brain registers you are low “on oil” so the heart starts pumping faster thinking it can make up the difference in pressure loss to keep the brain functioning properly.  Now think about this, you take a one (1) quart canning jar, stand at the sink, put the water faucet on ½ to ¾ pressure and see how long it takes to fill up. About 45 seconds to a minute.  You brain is not getting enough blood or oxygen so it sends another message to the heart to pump more!  The pressure goes up!  Your blood loss increases!

After about a minute, you start to feel dizzy, you’re breathing increases from 12 to 20 breaths per minute trying to make up the oxygen loss!  Brain says “FASTER” to the heart which now doesn’t have the volume to pump…….you feel very sick to your stomach (vagal response)……your eyes get blurry…… you start to stagger as your system goes into overload.  You want to move, but you can’t really…your blood pressure is topping out at over 220 and you breathing is now gasping at 30-40 breaths per minute………………..

Now, the ironic thing……….you were calm when this whole thing started!  In reality, you’re probably going to be in a very stressful environment when your “event” happens to you; in a fight, gun battle, running from someone, serious argument… your cliché.  The fact is… your blood pressure, heart and breathing rate is already up and you will have even less time to control a massive bleeding event!

This is why SECONDS COUNT when blood is spurting!! NEW RULE = Control Blood Loss 1st!!

This is Part 1 of a multi part “I need medical help now” article. I will be covering; Blood Loss, Stoppage and Control, Causes, Self vs Helping Care, A Down and Dirty medical kit and other cool medical stuff to keep you alive.





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