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Article 9 - Distinct Memory Visualization
By Sean Creamer

"Distinct Memory Visualization"- The practice of remembering key visual aspects of everyday life and being able to not only recall them, but write out distinct / key things of what you saw.

Practice "Distinct Memory Visualization" by taking a different route from work twice per week. Once you get home list ten (10) key items that you could describe to someone else who could then, by your details, take the same route. Of those ten (10) things...describe in DETAIL two places. Being able to use those key aspects / details to not only get from one side of the area to another.....but how to do it undetected!

Notice: Other homes, roads, choke areas, key foliage, concealment, dogs, etc. etc. In moments of key stress, you can train your eye to focus and remember key "pictures" in your mind that will process in it's lowest memory format in your brain without having to use a lot of thought.

Editor's Note:

Great thoughts Sean! Remembering things you saw along the way will even help you if you need to acquire support or necessary items along the way. For instance, what if you needed water? Knowing where ponds or fountains are along the way is essential. How about multiple ways of getting home without going over bridges? In an earthquake situation, bridges would be unstable or destroyed. Knowing alternate routes home that do not utilize bridges would be mandatory.







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