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The goal of this page is to share ideas with each other.  If you have some interesting tips or ideas for prepping, we would love to post it.  Send us your story and a short biography about yourself so your readers can get to know you! Please email us at with your ideas and help us fill up the page!

Article 1 - Why Be Prepared? - By Brett Creamer

"Imagine if disaster did strike your life…  Imagine lying there in rubble with no gear, food or coming rescue.  $100-200 would have saved your life, but now all you have is despair, pain and suffering.  Isn’t your life worth $200 in preparations?  I think it is and that is why I am a prepper." READ MORE

Article 2 - Where Are The Safest Places To Live? - By Brett Creamer

" I like the middle of the country... Not only is it a perfect location for water, farm fresh foods and hunting, it is far enough away that it is hard to get to if people were reduced to walking." READ MORE

Article 3 - What Weapons Are Best For Hunting? - By Brett Creamer

"I like the silent hunting weapons because we will be up against some very bad forces and silence in key." READ MORE

Article 4 - Bug-in Or Bug-out? - By Brett Creamer

"Have a bug-out plan ready, but you need to bug in as long as you can." READ MORE

Article 5 - Tactical Defense - By Brett Creamer

"Once you have the necessary gear to survive, there will always be some unprepared people who will want to take what you have." READ MORE

Article 6 - Signs Of The End Times - By Brett Creamer

"Ever since the break of dawn there has been someone on a soap box claiming the end of the world is near.  Whether it is by the writings of a religious group, or it is the visions and dreams of the non-religious, there are many theories as to what impending doom awaits the inhabitants of earth.  As an overview, let’s look at a few of the major “end-time” beliefs out there." READ MORE

Article 7 - America In The End Times - By Brett Creamer

"God tells us in the Word that when His people turn away from Him, He will bring about a series of judgments: He will turn off the water, He will bring famine and pestilence and He will allow us to be overrun by our enemies." READ MORE

Article 8 - Prepper Training - By Tammy Creamer

"Okay, so you finally gave in to the prepper mentality and decided that you should have some things on hand.  So you went out and bought all the gear you think you will need in an emergency...  Having the gear is essential, but it doesn't prepare you mentally for a disaster situation." READ MORE

Article 9 - Distinct Memory Visualization - By Sean Creamer

"Distinct Memory Visualization"- The practice of remembering key visual aspects of everyday life and being able to not only recall them, but write out distinct / key things of what you saw." READ MORE

Article 10 - Food Storage and Preparation - By Brett Creamer

"The only item that we cannot replenish easily and is very hard to come by in nature is food.  Let’s be honest…  There are natural plants, roots and bugs to eat, but I it will not give us the nutrition we need for our day to day survival. " READ MORE

Article 11 - The Red Death - Part 1 - By Sean Creamer

"The “New Rule”- Emergency treatment used to be the ABC’s….Airway, Breathing and Circulation. Now the rule is BLEEDING!  Airway and breathing can be restored better than blood that is lost!  Military medicine has gone to and stress’s…Blood Loss as the biggest killer and therefore MUST be controlled immediately.  ." READ MORE

Article 12 - How To Build Your Pack: Think Small - By Brett Creamer

"We need to be ready at all times, but to be ready does not mean we need to carry around a 60 lbs. back pack.  It is just not practical.  Even if I had all my gear with me when disaster strikes, do I want to hit the road or rough terrain with a 60 lbs. pack on my back with my wife and 4 small children in tow?  I don’t think so." READ MORE

Article 13 - Depression During SHTF - By Christine Kerrick

"During SHTF, you can control yourself and your thoughts, even though our culture has trained us to be passive and that things only ‘happen’ to us. Don’t surrender to helplessness. Don’t fear..." READ MORE

Article 14 - Visions and Dreams of Disaster in America - By Brett Creamer

"I have a story to tell that most will not believe.  I have been given several out of body visions from God that show impending disaster coming to the United States." READ MORE



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