H2O To Go E.D.C. Survival System

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Here are some details of the pack and its contents. 

The bag measures 11 inches high and 7 inches wide at its widest point. With an empty bottle, the bag and its contents weight 3 lbs.

The H2O To GO E.D.C. Survival System comes complete with:

(1) MOLLE Sport bottle pouch

(1) Stainless steel bottle

(1) Stainless steel nesting cup

(1) Water filter straw

(4) Water filtration tablets with 1 quart sized zip lock bag

(4) Ignition sources: (large magnifying glass, lighter, fire striker & small magnifying glass)

(4) Fire Tinder: (4) treated and compressed cotton wads, (2) instant fire which ignites on water or snow, (1) container of petroleum jelly and (1) bottle of hand gel

Fishing kit: (4) hooks, 100 yards line, (4) lures, (4) weights, (1) bobber)

Medic kit: (4) band-aids, (4) gauze pads, (1) container of anti-bacterial ointment, (1) container of petroleum jelly, (1) spool of thread, (2) needles, (1) bottle of hand gel, (1) roll of duck tape and (4) clothes pins

(1) Emergency poncho

(1) Emergency blanket

(1) Handkerchief (for filtering water, medical uses, for dusk mask and for cleaning, etc.)

(6) Wet wipes for hygiene use

(2) Flashlights and (2) extra batteries

40' of 550 cord hand-braided into strap for the bag

(3) Tins to hold all gear

(2) Ranger bands to keep tins secure

(1) Heavy duty stanley multi-tool (with pliers, wire cutters, knife, saw, file, screw driver, etc.)

(1) Pocket sized multi-tool card

(1) Emergency whistle/small mag glass/compass/ thermometer

(1) Back-up compass on zipper pull

(1) Back-up whistle on zipper pull

(1) Tube bug spray

(1) Sling shot

(4) Black wire ties

All items above come in re-sealable bags to keep everything dry and safe.

All of our items are available for purchase through Ebay.  You can either go directly to and search for Discreet Prepper H2O To Go, or simply click on the link below.

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