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Having some sort of cordage with you when you are trekking through the outdoors is a great idea. Having cordage with you during an emergency is a must!

We've designed a custom, hand-made strap for your gear that will give you 40' of rope when taken apart. The strap is made using 550 lb. paracord with heavy duty steel carabiners on the ends. When taken apart, the 550 lb. paracord can then be further broken down into 7 strands. Paracord is a favorite pack item because it can be used for fishing, sewing, stiching wounds, etc.

If you use a strap on any of your gear, it is time to upgrade to Survival Strap!

All of our items are available for purchase through Ebay.  You can either go directly to and search for Discreet Prepper Survival Strap, or simply click on the link below.

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