XL Cell Survival E.D.C. Survival System

XL Cell Survival

Many of us want to have some essentials on us at all times. While we may have huge backpacks filled with everything but the kitchen sink, we can’t easily carry them on everyday outings. That is why we created the XL Cell Survival pack.  We decided to utilize the cell phone pouch for more than just a phone.  This everyday carry survival solution contains the essentials for an emergency situation and then some. This is a great kit to keep in the car or wear on your side for wilderness exploration and hunting. 

If you've seen out popular "Cell Survival" E.D.C. Survival System, this pack is a bit larger and offers more gear for your survival needs.

All of our items are available for purchase through Ebay.  You can either go directly to and search for Discreet Prepper XL Cell Survival, or simply click on the link below.

Click on the links below to see exactly what this pack contains.

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